The paper "Developing a prototype of an adaptive Chinese pronunciation training system" was accepted by the journal "System"

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The paper will be published in August.
Liao, H.-C., Guan, Y.-H., Tu, J.-J., and Chen J.-C., "Developing a prototype of an adaptive Chinese pronunciation training system", System, No. 45, pp. 52-66, 2014.

The paper "Pressure relief device with biofeedback for brain entrainment" was presented in 2011 conference of Taiwan Institute of Kansei

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Related information of the conference can be found here.

A short demo of Dual-Microphone-Based Robust Speech Recognition

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Simple Prompt Recording

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Simple Prompt Recording now can be downloaded from

Brainket demo

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please visit the page "portfolio"

my googlepages is gone

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Google no longer provides googlepages service, so I move my pages from googlepages to "google site".
But there are more constraints and limitations in google site :(

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